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One of the benefits for Nebraska Writers Guild members is our website. Our ever-changing, updated website is easily accessible for our members and we’re integrating tools to help develop our talents and offer the most current information on everything writing.
In conjunction with website improvements, NWG is revamping the Nebraska Writers Guild blog. The most current Nebraska Writers Guild news and events will be posted on our blog along with, directly from our talented members, helpful information concerning their areas of expertise.
For the remainder of 2013, NWG will post announcements concerning our news and events so stop by to get the latest.
Register with http://www.wordpress.com and Follow the Nebraska Writers Guild blog to get immediate notification of the newest NWG posts or login to the Nebraska Writers Guild website http://www.nebraskawriters.org and click on the blog tab.
Beginning in 2014, NWG blog will present a new post each week about Nebraska Writing Guild business, upcoming event announcements and news from our expert members guiding everyone through the writing processes.
Watch the Yahoo loop and your email for notice on developments of the 2014 blog and a chance to share your talent.
Nebraska Writers Guild works to guide our writing professionals and, upgrading our blog offers great, quick and easy tools for the latest information so please visit regularly.

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Getting Your Writing From Basement to Book

In my basement there is a space about ten feet by eight feet that contains fairly large plastic totes filled with my writings. There is also a four drawer filing cabinet that is stuffed with poems and short stories mostly. On top of the filing cabinet are files piled in a precarious fashion that I fear will topple in disarrary someday.  Yes, a considerable amount of my writings has been published, but there is so much that hasn’t, and that grieves me. Also frustrates me that I haven’t found a way to write and write, before the idea or feeling dissapates, and still find time to get the material sent off. I’ve spent considerable time in the past paging through the huge Writers Market directory looking for a suitable publisher for various pieces. But it’s kind of like surfing ebay to me–or the Sears Christmas catalog years ago–so many distractions from the volume of it all. I may start out looking for a place for a poem, and then I drift off to the childrens’ book section. Usually I end up sending little or nothing off. One of my writer friends said he does that too. If I could just come home from work, and not have to sleep, I think. But no, that won’t work either. I think back on the years before I realized I was a writer, and how much time I wasted. Before 1988 I merely said of myself, “I write.” Yes, I know, regrets are useless, but they keep creeping in. There is much time to make up, and time is fleeting. All I can do is keeping pushing myself to do more, and keep positive. Those of us who have the gift of writing should not renege on the deal. To say we are obligated to write sounds too much like drudgery. To say we must write and want to write is better. Those stacks and totes in the basement will wait, but I vow to stir them some this winter! Until then, I must get the edits done on my forthcoming novel.

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