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From A Writer’s Year by Sally J. Walker

November 17

“Using Spontaneity’s Complications”

What happens when a “spontaneous personality” results in a choice that has devastating and permanent results?

I know many people who are not “considerate” decision makers. They rely on knowledge at the surface of their consciousness to make spur-of-the-moment decisions. Some choices are out of the habit of given X-situation, Y-action is necessary. That’s reasonable, because habit means the most common, predictable outcome will result. Then there is the one time disaster results because of unknown contributing factors. Guilt is inevitable or rationalization of “But Y-action always worked before!” No one can truly predict results 100% of the time. The majority of these people evaluate, learn and move on, usually with a more cautious attitude.

But there is the personality who lives in a more shallow plain of existence, who is flippant, careless or a born risk-taker who discounts impact on others. When an instantaneous choice has a catastrophic result, these people can be either clueless or crushed with the sudden realization of the consequences THEY caused. They get an unpredicted “wake-up call” that their actions changed lives in ways they hadn’t considered.

Both of these scenarios provide rich possibilities for a story teller. So much of living is a matter of trial and error learning of consequences, but when those consequences create a domino effect with dire results, the originator can be faced with a major personality challenge. Accept responsibility and change or work hard to block even acknowledging the poor choice. That moment of realization can be a vital moment in one person’s life journey. Hm, it could even effect much, much more beyond the person’s known sphere of reference.

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