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One of the benefits for Nebraska Writers Guild members is our website. Our ever-changing, updated website is easily accessible for our members and we’re integrating tools to help develop our talents and offer the most current information on everything writing.
In conjunction with website improvements, NWG is revamping the Nebraska Writers Guild blog. The most current Nebraska Writers Guild news and events will be posted on our blog along with, directly from our talented members, helpful information concerning their areas of expertise.
For the remainder of 2013, NWG will post announcements concerning our news and events so stop by to get the latest.
Register with http://www.wordpress.com and Follow the Nebraska Writers Guild blog to get immediate notification of the newest NWG posts or login to the Nebraska Writers Guild website http://www.nebraskawriters.org and click on the blog tab.
Beginning in 2014, NWG blog will present a new post each week about Nebraska Writing Guild business, upcoming event announcements and news from our expert members guiding everyone through the writing processes.
Watch the Yahoo loop and your email for notice on developments of the 2014 blog and a chance to share your talent.
Nebraska Writers Guild works to guide our writing professionals and, upgrading our blog offers great, quick and easy tools for the latest information so please visit regularly.


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“The Writing Life in Nebraska”
by Sally J. Walker

I am here to shout to the world that my thoughts and words, my commentaries, my stories and characters are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with any other writer from anywhere else! I may be a child of the plains but I am a resident of the world, the Universe. Without excuses, without explanations, I am ready to earn the respect due my Heartland-fed efforts.

Nebraska is a land of diverse geography and even more diverse population. A common element the Nebraska Writers Guild has discovered is the writers who persevere in every county from rural to urban environment. Passion for the power of the written word is alive and well in this state in the middle of the Heartland of the United States of America.

With those positive pronouncements in mind, I contemplate the difficulties we endure. Despite the international reputations of several of our state’s institutions of higher learning, people from either coast still think us backwards and a tad ignorant. Despite the flourishing use of the Internet and many other social medias, many think us unsophisticated and more rustic than cosmopolitan. The evidence of renowned Nebraskans who have risen to the epitome of their various professions in the past and present seems lost on these same short-sighted people.

Well, I am here to shout out to my fellow Nebraskans, young and old, to join me in making every day a “Write Across Nebraska” day, to learn everything we can about our art and craft, to support our peers as they perfect each project until it is the best it can be and finally to market our thoughts, words, commentaries, stories, characters to the rest of world . . . until no one doubts our quality of life and all recognize our leadership in the pursuit of excellence!

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