78065_working.inddOur Nebraska Writers Guild yearly Bulletin and quarterly newsletter, The Broadside, available to NWG members, were both mailed and emailed. Both are full of the latest news on Nebraska Writers Guild. These are two of the many benefits of your NWG membership.

If you selected to receive our quarterly newsletter or yearly directory by mail, both were mailed from the printer. If you signed up to receive hard copy and don’t receive yours in your physical mailbox by the end of June, 2015, email Annette Snyder, or any of the board members, use the contact tab right here on our blog or visit the website http://www.nebraskawriters.org. We’ll verify your mailing information and get your missing copy out right away.

If you selected to receive our newsletter or yearly directory by email, Annette emailed those and got zero bounce backs from either publication.  If you don’t see your e-copy—first check your spam file—it might be in there or contact us in any of the ways listed above. We’ll verify your email and resend.

It’s important to make sure Nebraska Writers Guild has your correct mail and email address for all our Member files. That’s how we deliver your NWG publications and contact you.

Our Broadside is our Quarterly Newsletter-keeping you up to date on all NWG events and business. The Bulletin, with addresses, phone and email of all interested guild members, isn’t published online but it’s mailed and emailed to fellow Guild members. In addition to contact info, the Bulletin contains a summary of your work during the year. A 200 word flash blurb about your writing/film/publishing etc. accomplishments is all we need to showcase your talent. Putting your info in our publications is also a great way to get your information into the Nebraska Writers Guild historical records. They’ll make sure to get your info into our publications.

Publication Co-Chairs, Margie Lukas and Donald Dingman, are currently collecting info for both the Bulletin and the Broadside so contact one of them. If you’re a life member, send your yearly summary to Margie Lukas anytime.  Don Dingman is the man to contact if you have news for the quarterly newsletter or, as always, any board member can certainly help.

If you’d like to put an article in our Broadside, our Bulletin or have any questions about our publications, contact us.
To volunteer for any board position or Chair position for NWG, contact any Board or Chair member. We are currently seeking officers of President, Vice-President and several other Chair and Board positions. Put your talent to work and volunteer to help run our organization!


78065_working.inddDonald Dingman is currently collecting info for, and compiling, the second quarter Broadside. Members, if you have any info for our quarterly newsletter, Donald is the one you’ll want to get with—or any board member and we’ll get your info where it needs to go.

Margie Lukas, the Publications Co-Chair, is just finalizing the 2015 Bulletin. Submissions for that publication are closed and any other info for the Bulletin will be saved for either the future Bulletin or the future Broadside—whatever your preference.

Make sure NWG has your current mailing address, email address and your preference for receiving our publications. We’re working hard to make delivery of your NWG information as smooth as possible and we can only do that with your cooperation so, please let us know if your membership information changes.

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