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NOTICE:  The next NWG Board meeting date is listed on the Board Meeting Tab!

Membership Renewal:

To renew your dues and continue full benefit of our organization, please visit our website http://nebraskawriters.org and click on the Renew tab in the header. There, you’ll be able to take care of your dues in a variety of ways including PayPal, credit/debit card or check. Just a note, the cut-off date for all NWG member information, for those not renewing, is April 1, as listed in our NWG Bi-Laws. Read on to see the official cut-off dates or go to our NWG site and check out the bi-laws.

If you intend to rerenew membershipnew and haven’t just yet, drop Wayne, or any of the board members an email and we’ll note on our side that your plan is to renew!

Our organization continues to move forward with integration of useful tools accessible to members to help develop and market. Our website provides a wealth of online information along with helpful yearly conferences and events offered by the NWG and its members. These networking opportunities keep us in pace with the ever-changing writing world.

Your yearly membership offers the above advantages and other beneficial incentives including access to our online Yahoo support group, member-only areas of our website and NWG publications.

If you have any questions, please contact one of your NWG Board representatives:
Here’s what the NWG bi-laws say on membership renewal dates:

Section 4.4.
…. Dues shall be submitted to the Treasurer on or before March1 of each year.
New members joining on or after June1 will pay prorated dues for the remainder of their first year of membership.
Dues are not refundable for any reason. Dues will be delinquent as of March 2
of each year. The Treasurer will notify the Secretary of delinquencies as of
March 15 for a final notice to be sent and membership rights will cease on April 1.

Section 4.5.
Termination of Membership.4.5.1. Automatic Termination.
Membership in this organization shall be terminated on May 1 if a member does not pay his or her membership dues, in full, by May 1….

May 1st is the cut off so contact us soon

The Nebraska Writers Guild,
President, Victorine Lieske (vicki.lieske@gmail.com)
Vice-President, Doug Saase (dougsasse@cox.net)
Treasurer, Wayne Anson (wayne.anson@gmail.com)
Secretary, Annette Snyder (as42907@windstream.net)
Historian, Mary Unger (mryunger@gmail.com)
Membership Chair, Charlette Volnek (cvolnek@yahoo.com)

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SPRING CONFERENCE-2015LaVista Conference Center

Beginning Friday night from 7 to 9:30, we all enjoyed the work our members shared with their readings and meeting new and old friends.

Saturdays events included Deidre Knight with an overview of a literary agency, Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, teaching a successful carving of a career, Less Jessup, focusing practical information to move writing careers forward and, VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO NWG MEMBER, SABRINA SUMSION, for stepping up to present and awing the group with her presentation when the scheduled speaker was forced to cancel. Deidre Knight took pitches from members. Good luck to those members who got requests for more information. Though Michael Carr, of Veritas Literary, couldn’t attend, those who signed to pitch to him will complete those pitches electronically. Members who stopped to give their most used email addresses will receive notice through that address. Members who signed up and didn’t leave their most current email will receive notice through the email address NWG has on file. Please watch your email for notification about those pitches.

Victorine announced vacating board positions during the Business Meeting. Anyone interested in fulfilling the officer spots of President, Vice-President or Historian, please contact the NWG board. NWG also needs a few committee chairs. A big thank you goes to Nanette Day for serving as the Media Chair. Thank you to Margie Lukas for stepping up for our Co-Chair of Publications. Annette Snyder currently assists. If you have interest in Co-Chairing Publications, Annette Snyder, or any board member, can help with that.

The Nebraska Writers Guild Spring Conference successfully ended with great information and record numbers. Attendees attained knowledge from some of the best in the writing industry. The Board members wish to thank our speakers and all who attended. Thank you to Charles Lieske and Joyce Sasse for making sure things went in the proper directions. These events are successful because of those who donate their time and talent. The staff at LaVista Conference Center also deserves recognition for accommodating the needs of our record breaking group.

Looking ahead, Fall Conference will be held in York this year. Information on dates and venue is forthcoming.
Make plans to attend the next board meeting. We’ll post the date and location once its finalized.

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