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lisa k photo  Hi everybody! It’s hard to believe that in less than two short years, my stint as President of the Nebraska Writers  Guild will come to a close. Here’s what I do. I have a constantly evolving list of things that need to happen to keep the train of awesome on the track. We’ve got a wonderful group of Board and committee members, but someone still needs to make sure things are done in a timely manner. It’s great business experience running the Guild. In addition there are the many doors you are able to open as a Board member. I’ve been able to develop friendships with some incredible people who I never would have been able to meet if I hadn’t been affiliated with the Guild.

 As President, I’ve had an opportunity to shape the history and future of a prestigious organization as well. I’m still in awe that I am filling the shoes of some of my literary idols, like Willa Cather, Bess Streeter Aldrich, John G. Neihardt, and Mari Sandoz. During my tenure, we’ve made some great strides in making the website a great hub for communication and education. Our membership and conferences continue to grow, and that only opens up additional opportunities. It’s exciting, heady stuff. I hope you’ll consider stepping up to take my–or any other position. It’s work, yes, but my life is much richer because of it.

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Membership Renewal

To renew your dues and continue full benefit of our organization, please visit our website http://nebraskawriters.org  and click on the Renew tab in the header. There, you’ll be able to take care of your dues in a variety of ways including PayPal, credit/debit card or check.

Our organization continues to move forward with integration of useful tools accessible to members to help develop and market.  Our website provides a wealth of online information along with helpful yearly conferences and events offered by the NWG and its members.   These networking opportunities keep us in pace with the ever-changing writing world. 

Your yearly membership offers the above advantages and other beneficial incentives including access to our online Yahoo support group, member-only areas of our website and NWG publications.

If you’re renewing now, here’s the updated requirements of Student Membership voted on during our Fall Conference:

4.1.4 Student. Student membership shall be open to any aspiring writer 14 years of age to 22 years of age enrolled in a public or private educational institution or home-schooled, who is interested in developing their talent for writing in any form or genre. Student members shall not have any voting rights or the right to hold office.

If you have any questions, please contact one of your NWG Board representatives:

The Nebraska Writers Guild,

President, Lisa Kovanda (lisakovanda@gmail.com)

Vice-President, Doug Saase (dougsasse@cox.net)

Treasurer, Victorine Lieske (vicki.lieske@gmail.com)

Secretary, Annette Snyder (as42907@windstream.net)

Membership Chair, Gina Barlean (ginabarlean@gmail.com)

Historian, Mary Unger

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