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fall conf4Extremely successful writing professionals, Dr. Joyce Sasse, Marc Longbrake and Victorine E. Lieske offer their take on the written word this year at our Fall Conference October 4th and 5th at Stone Creek Community Center, Grand Island, Nebraska.
Friday night beginning at 6:30 pm, the Meet and Greet, featuring public readings, kicks off our conference.
Saturday, registration begins at 8 am followed by informative and educational sessions sure to spark your creativity and help in the processes of writing for every genre. After the regular business meeting and announcements, our talented speakers team up on a Question and Answer panel.
And, don’t miss the Post-Conference Gathering beginning at 7 pm.
Visit the Conference tab at the top of our blog for more information or click http://www.nebraskawriters.org

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State Fair Wrap Up

Chalk up another successful year at the Nebraska State Fair Nebraska Writers Guild Booth. Charlene Neely and Jeanette Bjerrum organized the booth, scheduled members for signings, corralled visitors in creative ways and made sure people knew about the benefits of NWG.
Twelve hours a day during the entire fair is an enormous amount of time devoted to our organization. With the help of Harold and Judy Rosenkotter, they have the whole process including booth construction and removal down to a science.
Many thanks to those individuals and the work they do each year for all of us.
Charlene tells me they distributed over 2500 business cards, hundreds belonging to participating authors, plus approximately 300 NWG pamphlets—thanks Victorine for getting those ready in time.
Though the heat kept fairgoers at bay with a 1% decline in attendance, according to the official fair stats, the Nebraska Writers Guild booth was hopping—just asks young Allison and her mom. This future artist, culinary extraordinaire and, we’re guessing, politician, stopped by for a visit on Sunday afternoon and shared her love of reading, one of her favorite hobbies.
We are extremely grateful for the volunteerism of Charlene, Jeanette, Judy and Harold, yet they offer their thanks to the person who sent the candy bouquet–sans card. What a welcome surprise.
Charlene and Jeanette Working Fair Boothstate fair logo

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