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How Hungry are You?

From A Writer’s Year by Sally J. Walker

October 27

“How Hungry are You?”

Are you motivated by a consuming passion or merely dabbling, testing your abilities, comparing your efforts against others perceived as your competition? The difference between these two approaches to your creativity has a direct impact on the quality of your writing.

People who are consumed with the passion to write HAVE TO WRITE. Every moment doing something else, no matter how vital to life’s daily needs, is a moment wasted to the soul of this person. People who are passionate about an endeavor cannot be convinced to abandon what their inner essence needs to survive. The passionate endeavor is the equivalent of air to a choking person, water to a thirsty desert traveler, food to a starving child.

Anyone can say they feel the intense urge to write a story, a poem, a screenplay. Those spoken words are meaningless. The repetitious announcement of want is not significant. True passion is expressed in the act, the drive to complete the project, the viable intensity that proves itself in putting words on paper. Are you proving your passion? Just how hungry are you to get your words written?

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Are You a Bibliophile?

     A few minutes ago I bought a book by inspirational poet, the late Helen Steiner Rice, at a book sale sponsored by the History Club of the university where I am employed. I paid $.50 for it. Mrs. Rice died in 1981 after writing thousands of poems that came to be loved by so many.

     I would say I’m a bibliophile–one who loves to read, admire, and collect books. It’s a logical thing for a writer to be. As I’ve stated before, I have several large totes of books stored in my basement because my two bookcases couldn’t begin to hold them all. Only the very precious books are stored in the upstairs bookcases. Upon cleaning out my parents’ house after their deaths, I found my siblings beloved childrens’ books that Mom had so carefully preserved. Some I hadn’t seen for nearly fifty years, and what memories they brought back! Velvet Eyes was one. (This program doesn’t seem to do italics for book titles.) It was about a little reindeer and the cover of the book had some velvet “fur” on it.

     One of my favorites, possibly my most favorite book is Tasha Tudor’s “The Dolls’ Christmas.”  This book measures about 5″ x 5″ and I received it when I was about four. (Mom almost always wrote an inscription in the front.) The book is a hardback of muted red. In my journey through my parents’ house, I found the dust cover of this book! It had been separated from the book for probably fifty years, but Mom saved it and I am so glad as it has illustrations on it. Now it is re-united with the actual book. I could write volumes about favorite books, but this will suffice for now. Doubtless, many writers are also bibliophiles.

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