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Today is one of those days where I am not motivated.  I only ticked off about half of the to-do list I had for today, and want things to be done… I just don’t want to actually do them today.  That’s a shame: once I got out of the doctor’s office, the rest of the day was a blank canvas, just waiting to be covered.

So, in no particular order: a listing from my own bag of tricks–excluding caffeine–to prop up motivation when I’m apathetic.

1)  Nap.   Seriously: why would one have to suffer through the ‘downsides’ to being a writer and not enjoy one of the benefits?  If I lean back in my chair and close my eyes, I’m rarely out for more than a few minutes.

2) Music.  I already use my laptop to write, and when I’m going the internet connection isn’t working very hard, so I put it to work by going to Pandora.  If you’ve never heard of it, and have any sort of interest in music, you’ll have to try it out.  By varying the style of music I listen to, I can vary the tone of what I’m writing.  Careful, though:  too much music and the benefit is blunted.  And if the music is too good your brain is engaged in listening and not writing!

3) Exercise.  To get from the Main Street entrance of my building to my office, I have to climb a couple dozen stairs.  Running out to the post office and back is a workout.

4) Back-burner projects.  While diverting to a project that’s sat in the vault a while doesn’t get your primary objectives complete, at least you’re writing on something.

What little tricks do some of you use?  Or am I the only one who gets motivationally challenged?

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Here is my main writing dilemma this month. I have written and published, as print on demand, a book called “God’s Motive” and here is the link.


I am currently writing its sequel. The working title of the new book is “Infinity Squared.” I am having a difficult time pinning down a genre.  I originally pegged it as speculative fiction and that doesn’t exactly pull the agents out of the woodwork. It is a first person autobiographical narrative, fictional account, told as both a story, with subject content essays by the narrator and it includes religious philosophy at its core. It is the story of a man who is confronted by what he describes as angels who take him into outer space where he is talked to by God and told the nature and shown the origin of the universe.  What he sees validates M-Theory. (physics).

He is told about Free Will and how the relationship between man and the deity is actually structured. Since Free Will is the primary creation of God, this fellow is free to do what he wants with the information given. He also gets new data downloaded to him every 300 days and what he learns about how everything works is constantly growing. He is among a long line of people selected randomly over history to receive this knowledge. (more…)

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